Off to Madrid

Monday morning and I set off to Madrid. Two days of research (shopping) with my London team and my senior colleague from New York. 

Not having been to Madrid before, I had done some research about shopping districts and booked a restaurant for dinner but otherwise that was it. 
Still congested from my cold, I loaded up with cough lozenges, tissues and a handy travel sized cough syrup. Combined with my remaining Day and Night Nurse, I had all options covered and was feeling slightly light headed with the various combinations. 
Still, it’s only for forty eight hours. What’s the worst that could happen?

Video Killed the Radio Star

Yesterday I had a call from the TV company responsible for French Collection. Apparently they love me. Yes, they actually said love. 

In fact they love me so much they asked if I would be a standby for this weekend. 
I don’t think so! I need time to psyche myself up for a start but more than that I have a cold and I’m going to Madrid on Monday. 
It’s nice to be wanted but not that much! I’m hoping for filming in the Spring. 
I am now officially under house arrest until Monday with my new best friend Day and Night Nurse. 

A Very Autumnal Cold

Mid October and that’s it. We have officially changed seasons. It’s dark in the evenings and it’s getting quite cold. 

In order to celebrate the change of season, I have a cold in my nose and am miserably sneezing my way through Friday. It’s not the most fun I’ve ever had. 
Thankfully it’s the weekend as I’m off to Madrid for two days on Monday and my cold is not invited to join us. 
Early nights and hot drinks for the next two days. The fun never ends!

Raw Food in Notting Hill

There are two types of raw food restaurants. One is a bit dirty and hippy and usually involves people with dreadlocks and dirty fingernails. The other is scientific, contemporary and clean. 

Thankfully Nama in Notting Hill fell into the latter category when we went there for lunch last weekend. 

It is relatively new and with a Scandinavian vibe, the food was quite delicious.  
We tried a few things, a kohlrabi ravioli being a star of the show. Excellent coffee, insanely good desserts and only a short bus ride away. 
I suspect we’ll be going back especially as it’s just near Golborne Road antique shops!

Liberty Christmas

Every year I buy a few decorations from Liberty to build up the Christmas tree decorations and every year it seems to get earlier and earlier. 

Today, after a day retailing with colleagues, I popped into Liberty to buy this year’s decorations. Just as well I did as they’ve already started selling out. It’s only mid October! 

In a month it will be picked dry and only a few painted fir cones will be left. 
So that’s it. I’m already shopping for Christmas. Two months to go until one day of family fun and festivities…

Back to St Pancras

With senior colleagues in town it was time to find another London venue for dinner. Last time was The Wolseley, this time we decided to revisit the restaurant at St Pancras, the Marcus Waring-run Gilbert Scott. Marcus Waring is a Gordon Ramsay protege who defected to become a celebrity chef in his own right but with a lot less anger. 

The Gilbert Scott is a favourite of ours and being housed in the most spectacular Gothic building makes an impressive venue for Americans. Throw in a Harry Potter location or two and it’s job well done. 

We enjoyed a relaxed dinner before walking through the Booking Office bar to look for Platform 9 3/4. 

Jet lag had set in for the guests so we soldiered on alone to find half a trolley sticking out of the wall. We took the obligatory photo and then headed off home. 

Another good London venue. 

Dining Out

This weekend we had friends visiting from LA and a weekend of new dining experiences was had by all.

First stop on Friday was a local restaurant, Hugo’s. Tucked away down Lonsdale Road in Queen’s Park we were the perfect demographic. The lighting was subdued (good for wrinkles), the noise level was ambient (good for talking and hearing) and the food was classic (good for all).
It was our first time visiting and I have to say, as over forties, we’ll definitely be going back. The restaurant was warm and cosy and the ideal place for an autumnal Friday evening.
On our way out we discovered that Hugo’s is having a New Year’s Eve party with “nice” music. When I asked, it turned out that was seventies to nineties with none of that nasty rap music. That sums it up perfectly.
Hugo’s. Very good for old people!