Japanese Cute

If you put a face on it, it is cute and the Japanese love cute. 

We set off to Shibuya, an area where young fashion-conscious Japanese hang out. We saw lots of girls in short tartan skirts, knee high socks, huge thick soled shoes and long curled hair. They looked like anime characters. 
I discovered a character by Sanrio (the creators of Hello Kitty) called Gudetama which translates roughly to “lazy wobbly egg”. 
He can’t be bothered doing anything because he’s going to get eaten anyway so sleeps under a bacon blanket. 
Does that make sense? No but it was strangely cute and I now have a Gudetama bag as research. 
From there we went to Store 109 and Lafloret. Huge department stores for Japanese fashionistas and there we saw another exhibition, this time soft toys in sculpture. 

What I called Road Kill Sofa

And then there were crazy Star Wars shoes…

And then an aquarium store with sea horses…
And a bonsai store…
And then Kabuki (maybe tomorrow)

And lots of research, shopping and sensory overload. 

The competition

And then finally, after an Indian buffet (cultural eating?) it was time to put on the Japanese lounging pyjamas and relax after a very full day. 

And so to sleep hopefully. A week of this and I’ll be seriously exhausted. 

That was only Day One!

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