Cultural Delights

After lunch we hopped in a taxi only to discover we were missing a phone. Not mine I might add. 

I wasn’t entirely surprised and had anticipated something similar happening based on past experiences and so spent several hours looking for said phone. Sense of humour needed at all times. 
We decided to soldier on and see a kabuki act and so while buying tickets managed to track down the missing phone. It had been in the taxi all along (quel surprise) and was to be left at a police station by the nice, honest taxi driver. 
An hour and fifteen minutes later after suffering through the most challenging cultural experience I’ve ever had, the kabuki finished. It’s highly unlikely I will attend another excruciating performance… avant garde to say the least. 
From that cultural horror, we set off to collect the phone by taxi. Through the red light district to the police station where the phone had been left and all ended well. Many hours later. 
I made it back to my room after twelve hours on the hoof. Exhausted from cultural experiences!
Ready for a rest and that was only Day Two!

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