Tokyo subway adventures

On a day when I was travelling solo, I took to the metro. The Tokyo Metro.

Firstly, there was the map…
Secondly, there was the language
Hold on a second, look at the map. It’s insanity!
I have to say (a little smugly) that I was impressed with my efforts. I only went the wrong way once, managed to buy tickets from the machine and even managed to change lines to get back to my hotel.
After several days of taxis, it was a much better way to travel, cheaper and I had a much better sense of the city. Of course, the trains are immaculate and air conditioned (hello baking Bakerloo line) but still no chivalry as the Japanese men kept their seats.
Tomorrow I’m off to Kyoto like a speeding bullet. Bullet train that is and then I will act out “Memoirs of a Geisha” which was written by an American man so probably not entirely accurate!
Publicly transported. 

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