Kyoto, Kimono and Gion

Arriving in Kyoto in the afternoon having enjoyed a speedy trip on the Shinkansen or Bullet train, I checked in, dropped my luggage and hoofed it to the Kyoto Handicraft Centre. 

Kyoto is the home to traditional Japanese arts so wood block prints, ceramics and more awaited. I’m in my element. 

Will I end up buying something completely impractical? Well, I’ve discovered there’s a monthly flea market on Saturday. How lucky is that?
In Kyoto there are many temples and shrines and I hope to see a few but first, a little shopping. 

I set off to Gion Corner, a busy shopping street (Memoirs of a Geisha) where many women in kimono congregated. 
I saw women in kimono by a shrine. 
I saw kimono in shop windows

And kimono for rent!

Disillusioned! I won’t be renting a kimono as it follows my theory that white women don’t look good in cultural dress, saris being a case in point. 
I did see a real geisha (or geiiko as they’re called in Kyoto) but couldn’t take a photo. Perhaps tomorrow if I go geisha stalking. She was impressive and put the kimono renters to shame!
Gion was incredible and I only wish I had more time and more money. Everything was beautiful from the packaging to the
design. I suspect I’ll be going back before I leave. 

Greetings from Kyoto!

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