Shrines and temples, temples and shrines

It was a day of it. I had got the wrong day for a 6am conference call (damn time difference) and so was breakfasted and out of the door by 8am. 

I decided to look for an historic area where the streets were preserved (or perhaps rebuilt) in traditional style. 
I walked up to a big temple and suddenly tour buses full of school kids emptied out  and the place was packed. 

It was a stunning day and while less than tranquil I had to laugh and then I found the quiet historic streets away from the masses. 

I was on the temple trail and had visited five or six by midday. All stunning and then I found one with a garden and wandered through the tranquility, contrasting between the chaos and crowds of shoppers. 
I literally hopped across the river to meet my boss for lunch…

And after a really good sushi lunch we backtracked through the historic streets and found another temple and gardens just as the last glimpse of sunlight touched the Autumnal leaves making them glow. 

The day ended with a seven course Japanese menu at the Ritz Carlton where my boss was staying… apparently in the Presidential suite while I roughed it in the Hyatt Regency Youth Hostel. I am of course joking!!

The food was delicious and despite an inappropriate assumption being made that I was a mistress (extra guest, extra charge), it was a fantastic final dinner together as tomorrow I’m heading back to Tokyo for my last night. 
Kyoto temples and shrines. More to come…

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