The Queens Park Beach

We have now embarked on landscaping the prison yard, just in time for winter! 

Sunday saw Phase 1 as I moved a large pile of bricks (otherwise known as the back wall) out of the side return to make way for pebbles. It was hard work and I could feel every brick the next morning. 

On Monday 875 kg of grey pebbles were delivered. They arrived in a bulk bag and were dropped on the road outside. Someone was going to have to move them. 

I left work early and with high viz jacket still on, we started filling rubble sacks and carrying the pebbles bag by bag to the back where they slowly started to fill the side.

An hour later after a monumental effort, we were finished. We were covered in mud, the house was covered in mud but the side yard was full of pebbles and starting to look good. 
With stepping stones, up lighting and plants, the zen garden (or Queens Park Beach) will look so much better than it did before.