Her Royal Wagness

Three days in and we’re quite enamoured with Her Royal Wagness.

We went to the vet and not a squeak as Agnes was given her first injection. She behaved impeccably unlike the older uglier Shitzhu puppy across the room. Ten points to the pretty Welsh Terrier! So mature!
Agnes had her first bath in the kitchen sink and enjoyed the warm water and massage. She emerged smelling a lot better and fluffier than before. Could she be any better looking?

Toilet training is progressing well as Agnes has been taking herself round on to the pebbles to perform her ablutions unprompted. So clever!

When tired, Agnes takes to her bed for a rest and is quite happy to be left in the kitchen with Monkey, pink bone and new toy, Kong. Independent when necessary!
The only tiny fly in the ointment, a little crying at night which requires shushing but might actually mean she needs the loo, in which case, she’s even more of a genius than we first suspected!
Announcing Her Royal Wagness!

Introducing Agnes

After a lot of research and a couple of false starts, we brought home a little welsh terrier puppy yesterday and have called her Agnes B. Tailwagger. She’s about eight weeks old and looks like a ball of black and tan tangled wool with a little black shiny nose. 

At Marylebone station, arriving into London

We brought her home from Birmingham on the train and within moments Agnes had found her new bed and made herself comfortable. We’d bought a little Barbour bed and laughed at how tiny it was thinking it would be far too small. Funnily enough it was the perfect fit!
I’d worried about a sleepless night with a homesick puppy but it wasn’t to be. Agnes spent the night tucked up in her bed in the kitchen and was very happy to see us in the morning.
And so after a morning spent playing then sleeping then playing, we took her over to Queen’s Park where the sounds and smells proved to be very entertaining and the great big world seemed enormous. Agnes stayed close and came when she was called and has already mastered fetch. The dog’s a genius!
And so from DIY to doggy blog. Looks like 2016 might be the year of the dog!

Supplementing Christmas

Having been somewhat plagued this year with health issues, this time has come to be proactive. 

I’m not waiting for New Year, I am off to buy my Christmas present of supplements and superfoods in a bid for better health. 

And so loaded up with spiralina, multi vitamins, vitamin c, superfoods and more, I started to feel better just by being proactive. 
Enough coughing, I’m getting healthy again in 2016!

Sunday dinner

We spent a fantastic Sunday evening with old friends and new in our local Truscott Arms enjoying a pre Christmas dinner. 

A combination of US resident ex pats and Londoners, talk turned to politics and an interesting discussion ensued. We were intrigued/horrified by the rising popularity of Donald Trump, the continuing threat of terrorism and the sadness of recent events in France.

It’s a strange time in the world. Fear breeds fear and cultures divide.
Thankfully as well as the serious side to the conversation we all enjoyed a good laugh. Important to laugh in the face of adversity and stand united.
With the end of the year rapidly approaching, time for reflection.

Out for Christmas

That’s it, I’ve finished work until January 4th. I am ready for a break as I am ending the year with another bout of kennel cough which is massively dull. 

It seems I’ve done a lot of coughing this year so my New Year’s resolution is to be more healthy. 
But for now I’m off to lunch with a client and then I’m off home for a rest. 

Death’s Door

One minute I was fine and then suddenly I was at Death’s Door. 

I feel dreadful and am surprisingly ill. My face has swollen, my neck looks like it belongs to a giant fat lady and everything hurts. I can barely open my eyes and even my cheekbones are aching.
This is what happens when one travels on public transport. I distinctly remember someone next to me sneezing on the tube a couple of days ago and now I’m at Death’s Door.
I’m certainly too ill to go to the Christmas lunch today. A day in bed ahead.


I couldn’t get online to bid live on the dining table (thwarted by a corporate firewall) and as I was feeling under the weather anyway, I left work a little early and trotted off to the auction house, sneezing as I went.

Ten minutes later and with my heart beating madly, I bid on lot 510 and won. It was a little like gambling (my days of playing craps in Vegas) and I suspect, it could be a little addictive.

Anyway job done, table arrives on Wednesday!