Hello, it’s December

Suddenly it’s December. 

Coming back from Japan I had jet lag which seemed to last forever. Waking at 4am daily for a week took its toll and sense of humour failure was prevalent. Still, as with all things jet lag, it wasn’t permanent and soon things started to get back to normal.
And so an update. 
I’m finishing up the last of sixty projects I’ve delivered this year. I continue cycling to work although the dark evenings are less fun than the long summer nights. I’m drinking green juice in the mornings in order to boost my vitamin intake (vitamin D being currently non existent). The Money Pit continues to demand attention. Next thing, measuring for bespoke curtains in a bay window. It sounds expensive.

The next few weeks consist of finishing work and going to Christmas parties. I have two and a half weeks to go.
We don’t have plans to travel this year so it looks like it will be Christmas in Queen’s Park; cosy, warm and a box set to watch. It sounds nice but I give it three days!
We don’t do relaxing well!

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