Introducing Agnes

After a lot of research and a couple of false starts, we brought home a little welsh terrier puppy yesterday and have called her Agnes B. Tailwagger. She’s about eight weeks old and looks like a ball of black and tan tangled wool with a little black shiny nose. 

At Marylebone station, arriving into London

We brought her home from Birmingham on the train and within moments Agnes had found her new bed and made herself comfortable. We’d bought a little Barbour bed and laughed at how tiny it was thinking it would be far too small. Funnily enough it was the perfect fit!
I’d worried about a sleepless night with a homesick puppy but it wasn’t to be. Agnes spent the night tucked up in her bed in the kitchen and was very happy to see us in the morning.
And so after a morning spent playing then sleeping then playing, we took her over to Queen’s Park where the sounds and smells proved to be very entertaining and the great big world seemed enormous. Agnes stayed close and came when she was called and has already mastered fetch. The dog’s a genius!
And so from DIY to doggy blog. Looks like 2016 might be the year of the dog!

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