Her Royal Wagness

Three days in and we’re quite enamoured with Her Royal Wagness.

We went to the vet and not a squeak as Agnes was given her first injection. She behaved impeccably unlike the older uglier Shitzhu puppy across the room. Ten points to the pretty Welsh Terrier! So mature!
Agnes had her first bath in the kitchen sink and enjoyed the warm water and massage. She emerged smelling a lot better and fluffier than before. Could she be any better looking?

Toilet training is progressing well as Agnes has been taking herself round on to the pebbles to perform her ablutions unprompted. So clever!

When tired, Agnes takes to her bed for a rest and is quite happy to be left in the kitchen with Monkey, pink bone and new toy, Kong. Independent when necessary!
The only tiny fly in the ointment, a little crying at night which requires shushing but might actually mean she needs the loo, in which case, she’s even more of a genius than we first suspected!
Announcing Her Royal Wagness!

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