Death’s Door

One minute I was fine and then suddenly I was at Death’s Door. 

I feel dreadful and am surprisingly ill. My face has swollen, my neck looks like it belongs to a giant fat lady and everything hurts. I can barely open my eyes and even my cheekbones are aching.
This is what happens when one travels on public transport. I distinctly remember someone next to me sneezing on the tube a couple of days ago and now I’m at Death’s Door.
I’m certainly too ill to go to the Christmas lunch today. A day in bed ahead.


I couldn’t get online to bid live on the dining table (thwarted by a corporate firewall) and as I was feeling under the weather anyway, I left work a little early and trotted off to the auction house, sneezing as I went.

Ten minutes later and with my heart beating madly, I bid on lot 510 and won. It was a little like gambling (my days of playing craps in Vegas) and I suspect, it could be a little addictive.

Anyway job done, table arrives on Wednesday!

A Winter Sunday afternoon

With the table seen and a possible plan of attack there was nothing left to do other than buy some carb-laden comfort food and a bottle of red wine and settle in for the afternoon. 

It’s the kind of day where it’s lights and heating on and cosy inside. The Danish call it Hugge and it’s very important for well-being in the winter. 
And so with a plan for the rest of the day, time for a rest before the last work week of the year. 

The Christmas table

We need a table, if nothing else than to hold the enormous goose whIch is apparently coming to live with us for at least two weeks. 

On a rather damp and fairly miserable Sunday afternoon, with most of the Christmas shopping done, I set off to the auction house in Islington. 
I wandered around for a while, saw two nice wooden chests (no, step away) and out of four possible dining tables, I narrowed it down to one serious contender with one possible back up. 
The auction starts at 6pm. One dilemma, do I bid online or in person? The other dilemma, if I’m successful, how do I get a table across London? 
More to come tomorrow I suspect. 

The Kitchen Bench

One of the challenges of living in a relatively small space is utilizing that space cleverly. 

I had ordered a bespoke bench and stools months ago and they were finally delivered today. 
Doubling as extra worktop with the added bonus of seating where we didn’t have any otherwise, this seemed like a good idea. 

So far so good! We can still open the fridge and perhaps In the summer they can even go outside. 

Another problem solved!