Liquids onboard

It was time to pack for another of my bi-annual trips to New York. 

Out came my trusty Tumi ladies suitcase which has seen many miles. 
Out came Agnes the puppy to see what was going on. 
And out came a little puddle of piddle into my suitcase. Marking her territory perhaps but still really not ideal. It makes answering the question about liquids in my luggage a bit tricky!
We’re still house training it would appear. 
Off to New York with a little bit of Agnes coming with me. 


Suddenly it’s the end of January. 

We’ve had Agnes for a month and a month of puppy mayhem has ensued. She’s lovely but as daft as a three month old puppy can be. 
We’ve had business meetings which could change the future. And it looks as though we’re selling the Little House Above the Boulangerie. 
On Sunday I’m off to New York for one of my usual trips and then it’s February with the birth of Letad on the horizon. 
It’s been an interesting start to the year. I wonder what February will bring?!

Heading back to the City

After a day of carrying suitcases and helping to assemble flat pack furniture, I set off back to London. Back to work tomorrow.

The sun was shining and Exeter was looking lovely. Daffodils were coming up and crocus were almost out. Spring hopefully isn’t far off. 
Having said that, I’m off to New York next Sunday where it seems they’ve had several feet of snow…
In the meantime hopefully things will go well in Exeter before we return in a few weeks to spend a weekend. 
Early days…

The Single Guest

Having helped move my parents into their new flat in Exeter for the next few months, I checked into a local guest house for the night. 

It was the last single room in the whole of Exeter as it seemed it was graduation and quite honestly I was lucky to find anything. 
I had to laugh as it was fairly basic…

I’m not complaining though as it seems I have everything I need within arm’s reach of the bed. 

How lucky is that?

Jet lagging

This week my parents arrived from Australia to see how they feel about the UK. It was good planning as they left in summer (40 degrees) and landed in winter (-3 degrees). It was noticeably colder!

Jet lag is a cruel beast and certainly takes it toll on even the most robust. The flight from Australia is a brutal thing with over 22 hours of flying, stopping off in Asia and not something I’ve wanted to do from the UK. 
It takes time to transition, from summer to winter, from a different time zone and from a different culture. 
I remember how I felt homesick when I arrived from LA and cried on my first night. Still things always look better with sleep, food and central heating.  
Getting acclimatised. 

Changes on the Horizon

This week, out of the blue, we had an offer on the Little House Above the Boulangerie. It came as a huge surprise as the house has languished for two years with very little interest. 

Suddenly we had an offer for the asking price, the only caveat, they wanted the lovely furnishings. All my brocanting gone!
Of course it’s a brilliant opportunity to look for a house with a garden and then there would be lots of brocanting to do. 
And so Letad signed the paperwork and the creaky wheels were set in motion. 
It’s exciting news but of course, we’re a little sad as the house had become a lovely home and we’d worked hard on it. 
Still, exciting changes ahead and it looks like we might be house hunting by Easter!

One week in…

One week later and we’ve started to establish some routines. 

We had a couple of horrible nights where a small dog decided to howl at 3am and then again at 6am. Combined with several days of rain, tempers were frayed and discussions about dog training ensued. Luckily we read copious amounts of information on the internet and discovered that playtime in the evening was the answer. 

And so with evening playtime established, by 9pm we have a tired puppy asleep on the rug and happily tucked up in bed in the kitchen by 10pm.

Agnes at 9 weeks old

 This morning we got up at 7:15am and Agnes was quietly sitting in her bed waiting for us to get up. So that’s one challenge solved.

House training though… now that’s another story!