Changes on the Horizon

This week, out of the blue, we had an offer on the Little House Above the Boulangerie. It came as a huge surprise as the house has languished for two years with very little interest. 

Suddenly we had an offer for the asking price, the only caveat, they wanted the lovely furnishings. All my brocanting gone!
Of course it’s a brilliant opportunity to look for a house with a garden and then there would be lots of brocanting to do. 
And so Letad signed the paperwork and the creaky wheels were set in motion. 
It’s exciting news but of course, we’re a little sad as the house had become a lovely home and we’d worked hard on it. 
Still, exciting changes ahead and it looks like we might be house hunting by Easter!

One week in…

One week later and we’ve started to establish some routines. 

We had a couple of horrible nights where a small dog decided to howl at 3am and then again at 6am. Combined with several days of rain, tempers were frayed and discussions about dog training ensued. Luckily we read copious amounts of information on the internet and discovered that playtime in the evening was the answer. 

And so with evening playtime established, by 9pm we have a tired puppy asleep on the rug and happily tucked up in bed in the kitchen by 10pm.

Agnes at 9 weeks old

 This morning we got up at 7:15am and Agnes was quietly sitting in her bed waiting for us to get up. So that’s one challenge solved.

House training though… now that’s another story!