24 hour poison

It would appear I had food poisoning or some kind of stomach virus. I was fine when I arrived in New York but by 2am local time, I was not fine and wasn’t fine for the next twenty four hours.

I ate dinner at Chipotle, a Mexican fast food chain where I had rice, black beans and vegetables. Harmless I thought. By 2am I was never eating there again.
It was the worst possible day as I was presenting to 160 people at 9am. At 8am I was vomiting in the shower, by 9:30 I was standing up presenting. I have absolutely no idea what I said but apparently it was ok. I made it through without incident, the power of positive thought!
The rest of the day was a blur. I know I presented again in the afternoon, this time a webinar and by 4pm I was in bed aching with temperatures ranging from freezing cold to boiling hot. I drifted in and out of sleep for the next fifteen hours eating nothing and carefully sipping ginger ale. The tip from the Internet was apple cider vinegar so I tried that and it seemed to work.
By 7am I seemed to have recovered. Apart from the occasional sharp stabbing abdominal pain, things had improved dramatically and I was able to eat a banana.
It’s amazing how bad you can feel for a day and then feel fine.
New York, this time with food poisoning!

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