Tip Top Training

Sunday and Agnes and I went to our first puppy class at the Tip Top Dog School in St John’s Wood. We were a little early so went into the church hall to get out of the cold. It was a very chilly Sunday.

Big mistake, we walked into a big dog class and were told to leave (please) as we were a distraction. Oops.
Fifteen minutes later and there were lots of other mad puppies being equally distracting including another Welsh Terrier. Not as rare as we thought it would seem!
The class lasted for an hour and we learned a lot. We did puppy recall, magic fingers (not as rude as it sounds) and puppy relaxation pose (my favourite) where the puppy was laid back and relaxed between one’s thighs (also not as rude as it sounds). 
After an hour I was exhausted. Agnes needed to go to the toilet and so after a poo, we set off by overground to go to Islington to meet up with family. Another adventure for the day.
We went on two trains and a bus. We met lots of new people and new dogs. We came home six hours later and collapsed. I was shattered and I had never seen Agnes so tired.

Barely able to open her eyes…

Furry lump on the rug. Let sleeping dogs lie.
As for me, absolutely exhausted.
Tip Top!

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