A dog in a box… or a bag

Having discovered the challenge of trying to fly a dog, I have spent far too many hours researching airline-approved boxes, bags and crates in order to squeeze Agnes into the cabin and under the seat.

I have now bought three dog crates and two dog bags in varying sizes and have discovered that the German-speaking airlines have a larger cabin allowance than the French speakers. The British are not accomodating at all and so Letad and Agnes are booked to fly to Nice via Brussels in the next couple of weeks.

I will need to adjust one of the bags to reduce the size down by seven cubic centimetres, yes really, and Agnes had better not gain any weight or grow as she needs to be under 5kg and fit into 115 cubic centimetres of space.

This is not Agnes!

The bag itself is an excellent product from a company called Sturdi Bag. There are many mesh panels and as a soft bag, it can be gently squashed into smaller spaces. It can even double as a convertible with a top panel for the head to stick out.

On the positive side, it means Agnes and I will avoid a twenty four hour trip consisting of four trains, a taxi across Paris and a ferry and it means hopefully she’ll be wearing a beret and barking Bonjour before too long.

Paws crossed this works out!

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