And breathe…

The week is finished. I spent the day with two of my US colleagues doing very important research also known as shopping. We do actually do research and let me just say, it’s exhausting!

It was snowing heavily in the morning but by the time we came out of the subway in Brooklyn, it was sunny and the snow was melting rapidly. I’ve never really understood Brooklyn but people love it and it’s obviously full of hipsters.
Despite the slightly rough start to the week, I enjoyed this trip very much and felt I had accomplished a lot. These weeks are always hard but for some reason this one felt more relaxed, perhaps because I had stayed an extra day, perhaps because I hadn’t gone to Boston or perhaps because I was too busy throwing up to care!
As it turned out my return flight from Boston was cancelled and I was booked on to a flight which would have meant I’d have missed my London connection. It just wasn’t meant to be. Perhaps in the summer as I’m usually back in July.
So homeward bound to see if Agnes is house trained (I can dream!) and to start the weekend-long celebration of the birth of Letad! Hurray, the excitement!
See you next time New York!

Food for Giants

Americans still don’t understand the concept of portion control at least at JFK. 

A woman near me had ordered an iceberg lettuce wedge salad, a strangely retro 70s concept of a salad consisting of a slice of iceberg lettuce with blue cheese and creamy salad dressing. In this case it was the entire lettuce. And that was a light meal….

Americans can’t boil eggs

I am a lover of the humble egg. 

If I was marooned on a desert island and could only take one type of food, the egg would be my choice. I will eat it any way, scrambled, poached, boiled and fried. Omelette and frittata, it seems it’s hard to ruin an egg or so I thought.

Four days of eating boiled eggs in New York and I’ve been perplexed. It’s not that hard to boil an egg but they’ve ranged from hard boiled to a white sloppy mess. This morning, my last chance, with snow falling outside, I ordered avocado toast and a soft boiled egg on the side.
I cut the top (never a basher) and water poured out. Seriously? For once I decided to say something and before long a replacement egg arrived. 
I tentatively cut the top and finally, the perfect egg was revealed. A firm white and soft yolk. Delicious. I enjoyed the perfect breakfast ironically on my last morning but at least I know for next time!
An oeuf is enough! (as Letad would probably say)

All talk, not much sushi

So I ate one piece of sushi very cautiously in the end and my meal was a bowl of soba noodles in vegetable broth. 

Not so adventurous after all. I couldn’t even finish the sake so really quite pathetic! 
Ready for another early night in the city that supposedly never sleeps when actually it seems to go to bed very early. 

Medicinal… Japanese food?

With pouring rain in New York the options were…

A. Stay inside and order soup from room service
B. Go to Le Pain Quotidien and eat boiled eggs (again)
C. Find a random Japanese restaurant, eat raw fish and drink some medicinal sake. Sounds like a plan!
It was the least boring option so I chose option C. 

So far I’m not sure the sake is very medicinal but it’s quite warming and I’ve only ordered two pieces of sushi so that’s very conservative. 

There’s nothing like a bit of sushi after food poisoning!

Glutton for punishment? 

The instigator of death

It seems they’re dropping like flies. Another man down today with the same symptoms, it appears I am the instigator of death!

I will say I’m the only one who managed to soldier on, we Brits are made of sterner stuff. The Americans have taken to their beds! 
I’m now back to normal and am living on boiled eggs and black tea just in case of a relapse. Hopefully I now have immunity… to myself!

12 hours later

I seemed to be fairly well recovered apart from occasional stomach cramps, hopefully a short term problem. I managed to eat and went to three meetings so not such a bad day in the end.

Funnily enough one of my colleagues went down with a similar problem today so perhaps it was a stomach virus. Still I’m not taking chances, I don’t think I’ll be eating at,Chipotle again.
Feeling much better!