And we’re done!

The last supper is finished. 

The last drink drunk, the last bite eaten, the last discussion discussed. 

I’m heading home to gather my clothes for the weekend, to find my passport and to head south like a migrating starling (I can’t think of another bird) 
I have officially left the building. 

Under the weather

This week I returned from a nice weekend in France with a whopping head cold. 

I’ve been very well since Christmas as I’ve been downing multi vitamins and supplements which have kept me fighting fit but inevitably, too many late nights and meetings took their toll and I was out for the count on Monday and Tuesday. 
I took to my bed and even had an afternoon nap. Unheard of for me. 

Airport bound

Having had a surprisingly fun last evening, I made it home before 11pm.

I slept well apart from the upstairs neighbors and baby leaving at 4:45am and so was up and ready to go bright and early. 

There’s nothing like a quick jaunt to the south of France after a busy week and this is not the weekend to detox!

The Last Supper

Having booked a very last minute table for ten people, a challenge in London on a Thursday or any evening, I’m waiting for the last supper.

I’m downstairs at the Curzon having a cup of tea and have surreptitiously taken off my boots under the table in order to relax. 
I’m very tired and could go home for a nice quiet evening but in an hour or so, I shall regroup and hopefully find my second (or third or fourth) wind. 
The Last Supper

A week of conferring

What a week so far!

I left the house at 7:45am this morning and at 11pm am still sitting on the tube heading home. 

I thought tonight was a free night but hosting guests became a necessity and I spent another evening out with colleagues. 

This follows this morning’s breakfast meeting, last night’s dinner, Monday night’s dinner and Sunday’s afternoon tea… In between that we’ve sat through multiple meetings and presentations and all has gone well. 

It’s the last day tomorrow and then I’m off to France for the weekend!