Culture Vultures

Friday evening and we were off to the Royal Academy to see the Garden exhibition. 

The usual suspects, Monet and Matisse were joined by Klimt, Klee and some Spanish artists, (Santiago Rusinol and Joaquin Sorolla) I wasn’t familiar with but whose work was impressive. 
Joaquin Sorolla
The work of Pissaro made us nostalgic for the south of France as we gazed at sun soaked gardens filled with tropical plants. 
Santiago Rusinol

We started with a drink in the bar at Waterstones where I convinced the bartender that as they had run out of peach juice I could have a glass of prosecco as a happy hour cocktail. Letad was less successful with his passionfruit martini, a sticky and dubious combination indeed. 

We ended with a quick and basic selection of Japanese food which didn’t inspire confidence but luckily the exhibition was excellent and well worth venturing out for. 

Culture Vultures. What’s next?

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