The path of least resistance

We have now embarked on outside beautification starting with a new front door, wooden bin shed, rather large pebbles (hello Queens Park beach) and this week a new Victorian black and white checkerboard pattern tiled path for the front entrance. 

Frankly I’d rather spend the money at the back but there’s this thing called kerb appeal which apparently sells houses and a rusty bike chained to a rusty fence isn’t going to cut it apparently. 
Luckily the tiler is also a plumber so he was persuaded to look at the kitchen sink and so things progress again…

And then the kitchen sink fell down

We had some challenges installing the kitchen including the under worktop kitchen sink. 

The builder who installed the kitchen hadn’t aligned the sink evenly and we weren’t happy. He then tried to remove it by cutting through the glue with a kitchen knife. Surprisingly that didn’t work so we decided to live with it. Reluctantly. 
Seven months later it would appear the kitchen knife had in fact done the job as three sides of the sink came away from worktop and the very heavy ceramic sink was held up by one thin line of glue and the plumbing. 
Luckily I saw it and managed to prop it up on bricks while I hastily cut some lengths of 4×2 (or wood as I call it) to stick under the sink to hold it up. 
Luckily we have a tiler/plumber coming tomorrow to start work on the front path so hopefully he can sort it out. 
Luckily the sink didn’t fall off completely , rip the plumbing out and flood us knee deep in water. 
This time last year Letad went to France and the towel rail blew its top resulting in no water or heating for me. 
That was fun too!

The puppy has landed!

Apparently all went well apart from a large poo in Starbucks and a slightly more runny poo in a chocolate shop. I’m not sure what was being eaten but obviously something was a bit dubious. 

By mid afternoon Letad and Agnes had arrived and were making themselves at home. The little welsh terrier had arrived at the Little House above the Boulangerie. Bonjour et bienvenue Agnés. 
All was well. Now I just need to survive the conference as I’ve booked a flight to go over next weekend. 
Looking forward to next Friday!

Pup, Pup and Away!

It was a rather brutal 4am start which followed a sleepless night of worry. 

Would Agnes be allowed to fly? Was her bag small enough and would she weigh in under 8 kilos. 

At 4:15am we set off to Heathrow with a dog in a bag. We were all tired but calm. It’s always good to act with authority so we strolled up to the check in desk and acted as though we do this all the time. 
Agnes had her pet passport. All vaccinations complete and she weighed in with the bag at a very lucky 7.7 kg. 
We paid the excess baggage charge and checked Letad’s bag through to Nice and then with a quick goodbye and lots of bon courages, Letad and Agnes set off on their adventure to Brussels and on to Nice. 
By 5:30am I was on the Heathrow Express heading back to Paddington. 
With the annual creative conference on the agenda for next week and a busy day ahead, timing was of the essence. 
So far so good. Pup’s Away!

Back to Puppy Class

On Sunday we headed back to Puppy Class for a little Sunday afternoon entertainment. 

We were feeling tired and the weather was cold, not the ideal mood to be training but there’s nothing like seeing a roomful of puppies to raise the mood.

The class would make the best BBC Mockumentary as teachers Sue and Barbara are the best of all things British. Sue is a brilliant teacher, can get any dog to respond to her, is very down to earth and no nonsense. Barbara seems to have been beaten by the dogs and has given up on most things in general.

The dogs themselves were hilarious. 

There was Teddy the bad puppy who has been in the class forever.

Puppy or Poppy, the miniature sausage dog who wandered off in the wrong direction during puppy recall.

Hugo the smug welsh terrier (common as muck) who apparently doesn’t bite and doesn’t do anything wrong (we were skeptical).

There was the giant Airedale puppy who slept through most of the class and the list went on. 

Of course there was the little Welsh Terrier Agnes, who did a wee on her blanket but otherwise did quite well. Agnes doesn’t like puppy relaxation pose but otherwise sit, down and come were all well executed.

On Sue’s recommendation we are now keeping a urination diary. It’s not the most exciting of things but hopefully we will conquer the final hurdles of house training. 

Puppy training continues…

Culture Vultures

Friday evening and we were off to the Royal Academy to see the Garden exhibition. 

The usual suspects, Monet and Matisse were joined by Klimt, Klee and some Spanish artists, (Santiago Rusinol and Joaquin Sorolla) I wasn’t familiar with but whose work was impressive. 
Joaquin Sorolla
The work of Pissaro made us nostalgic for the south of France as we gazed at sun soaked gardens filled with tropical plants. 
Santiago Rusinol

We started with a drink in the bar at Waterstones where I convinced the bartender that as they had run out of peach juice I could have a glass of prosecco as a happy hour cocktail. Letad was less successful with his passionfruit martini, a sticky and dubious combination indeed. 

We ended with a quick and basic selection of Japanese food which didn’t inspire confidence but luckily the exhibition was excellent and well worth venturing out for. 

Culture Vultures. What’s next?