Hail Mary!

On Sunday we went to drop off the French car in Enfield. The City of Westminster wasn’t very friendly to foreigners so it was time to move the car. We had got one parking ticket, we didn’t want any more!

We decided to stop on the way at Forty Hall, a lovely stately home in North London built in the 1620s where the remains of Elsyng Palace, Henry V111’s old stomping ground were found. wikipedia.org/wiki/Elsyng_Palace

In the walled garden, a memorial bench to the mother of Letad stands under a beautiful magnolia tree. It was very moving as it was the first time Agnes and I had been.

Forty Hall
Under the magnolia tree

Of course England in April is a rather unpredictable place. April showers indeed. Before long it was hailing and we were standing under a tree…

And then it was sunny and we were walking through fields of lambs…

After a lovely walk where the Little Dog played and ran with abandon, we ended up in Winchmore Hill having a very nice lunch in a pub. 

An unexpected Sunday!

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