The next adventure

It’s been four years since I first came to Valbonne, for Big T ten years or more. 

We spent our first weekend here and we were married here. We have many happy memories of the Little House Above the Boulangerie as we renovated and furnished it to create a lovely home. 
We’ve eaten a lot of picnics and drunk a lot of rosé, we’ve swum in the Med, driven to the Matterhorn and toured Corsica. We’ve certainly made the most of the Little House. 
And yet every time we wished we had a garden, even a pool to cool off in in the hottest summer months or a cosy winter home to spend Christmas and ski in the mountains. Something was missing and four flights of stairs were a bit of a challenge, vertically. 
It’s taken two years to sell the house and while we’re sad to say goodbye, we’re excited at the prospect of a new base in the South of France. 
And so with the paperwork signed and the keys handed over, hopefully it won’t be long before we’re back!
À bientot Valbonne.

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