Italian cooking gone bad

We found a lovely square near to where we were staying. There were tables set up and umbrellas, candles and rustic charm. It looked perfect. 

We have had the best and worst experiences with Italian cooking. I struggled in Florence and in Venice we had the forever memorable dog sick on polenta. And yet in Portofino and San Remo, the best food in the world. 
Sadly this was to be dog sick on polenta part two as we were served some of the worst food either of us had ever eaten.
Linguini with pink rubbery squid which tasted far too fishy for my liking followed by uncleaned prawns, horrible brown juice running from the giant heads. I swore I would have food poisoning but it was Big T who yet again scored a large plate of white rectangles of potenta with a fish stew which looked identical to dog sick. Lightening apparently can strike twice. 
We should have complained, we should have refused to pay or we should have done a runner as that food shouldn’t have been served to dogs let alone humans, but we paid the exorbitant bill and left outraged. 
Luckily just around the corner we found a lovely place with an excellent wine list and a fantastic cheese plate which helped restore our humour. 
Dog sick part two!

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