Ripping off the shroud

We set off from Valbonne and headed to Italy as petrol was readily available and we had decided to stop in Turin for the night. 

It was a three and a half hour drive through northern Italy and by the time we arrived, we were tired from the day’s events and ready for a celebration. 
We parked and found our Airbnb for the night. Our host was a woman called Cristina who, along with her pet bunny and a menagerie of birds was a complete nutter. We escaped as soon as possible having been given a map and suggestions of what to do.
Sadly the flat wasn’t a flat, just a bedroom and bathroom and had been described as luxurious. Perhaps in another universe broken table legs and table lamps are considered the height of luxury, then again perhaps not. 
Still, we were centrally located so off we went to see a little of Torino and find a nice place for dinner. 
Things went downhill as we started with a glass of prosecco to seal the deal of the house. A large bowl of raw vegetables appeared and we were charged twenty four euros. What?
It turned out we were being sold a large tray of really crap appetizers including hard boiled eggs and unshelled peanuts. A gourmet selection indeed. 
We explained we didn’t want the crappetizers and so spent ten euros on two drinks and a cabbage. 
Not so much harm done, we set off to find the next place for dinner while taking in the sights of Turin albeit covered in graffiti…

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