Continuing our journey we passed by Geneva before heading across to join the now familiar route from Dijon to Troyes and then on to a tiny village called Ay just south of Reims. 

Fields of Champagne
We decided to stop in nearby Epernay and discovered gold as it turned out to be the home of the major champagne houses. 

The Avenue du Champagne was the ultimate in Champagne name dropping as we drove past Laurent Perrier, Pol Roger and Moët et Chandon before heading to Ay to the home of Bollinger and more.


We discovered the only bar in Ay which housed the most entertaining locals possible and having enjoyed an aperitif, we spent a very pleasant evening having a picnic outside Bollinger having bought a very nice bottle of Pol Roger as a celebration. Hopefully no one noticed the label!

As our whistle-stop tour of Champagne continued, it turned out that Reims was pronounced Rance (like rancid), our next stop as we whizzed north to Calais…

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