Packing boxes

It looks as though we’re exchanging contracts on Friday and so it’s time to pack up the Little House Above the Boulangerie. The end of an era. 

We’ve enjoyed the house, eaten too many croissants and now we’re ready for a garden and a house without four flights of stairs. We’re excited about a new adventure and even saw a lovely house this morning which would be ideal… price dependent of course. 
And so with boxes stacked for collection tomorrow morning, we’ll be bidding farewell to the Little House on Friday and hoping that there’s enough petrol left in France to get us back to London!
Changes afoot.

An evening in Dijon

Saturday night in Dijon was a lovely thing.  

We found the main square lined with restaurants and outside tables and we secured a table for the evening. Just as well as it was a warm evening and tables were in demand. 

The ambiance was relaxed and the people-watching great. The colour of the moment in France is coral and everywhere bright colours caught the eye. People seemed affluent and cultured and the town was out for the evening. 
After a delicious dinner where my first course was an interesting take on a beef bourguignon but with poached eggs instead, we wandered up to the square where Agnes amused the crowd by playing in the fountain as the moon rose overhead. 
We meandered back to the yellow Airbnb where we spent the night in the mustard pot before setting off bright and early to head off to the Cote d’Azur. 
Heading back to the Little House Above the Boulangerie for perhaps the last time. 

From the roots

After four years of good hair, I’ve just found out my beloved hair stylist is leaving to join the police force. It’s an extreme decision. 

I am super happy for her as we’ve talked over the past few years about our lives and I knew something was coming. 
I am completely gutted from a follicular point of view though and will have to start all over again. 
I remember the early days in London when I felt like the fifth member of Abba. I can’t go back!
And so it turns out today is my last appointment… perhaps this is the time to go grey?

Greetings from Dijon!

We set off at 6:45am and had an easy run through a quiet London to Folkstone where, after refreshments, we boarded the train and half an hour later, drove off in Calais. Bonjour France!

We were driving on the right side of the road again and off we went with a fluffy clean dog in tow having washed the builder’s assistant before we left.
We made good time and with a picnic en route, arrived in glorious sun in Dijon where we’d found a lovely pied de terre for the night.

Our host Ludovic greet us, gave us a map and recommendations for restaurants and left us to explore. The apartment was lovely, the walls painted, appropriately, mustard yellow!

And so after a quick wash, we set off to explore Dijon.

Bulgarian Tea Drinkers

The paving is almost finished, everything is covered in thick white dust, including the dog and the Bulgarian builders who have been here now for almost FIVE weeks, have drunk all the tea.

It’s been a test of patience. The first couple of weeks were fine but this has dragged along very slowly especially as we only had about thirty paving stones to lay. I could have done it quicker…
Still, we’re getting close to finishing and suddenly the space looks much bigger without piles of bricks and building materials in the way. It’s a big change from where we started.
I’m looking forward to putting the furniture back and sitting in the sunshine. 
Except there isn’t any sun!

The many uses of dog hair

Agnes is now approaching the time where she needs to be clipped or stripped and as a result we’re finding tufts of black puppy hair around the house.

Terriers have two coats, a coarse outer coat and a soft undercoat for warmth. The roughty, toughty coat is water-resistant and getting quite curly and makes a surprisingly fetching moustache.

Gives a whole new meaning to the term Old Lady Pig Bristles.

Recovering in the sunshine

We spent a quiet weekend recovering in the sunshine and Agnes was soon back to her happy little self.

Sitting down on the job

Things outside have been moving very slowly.

We have had scaffolding up now for almost five weeks and as of yesterday, four paving stones had been laid. I am seriously fed up with it as we’re spending our weekends sitting in a building yard.

It would seem that the builders are not exactly working fast especially when this image landed in my inbox yesterday… 

Had I been at home, a large stick would have been used to give him a poke. Given the fact that he’d set up the sofa and table for his lunch and afternoon nap, I was less than impressed.

I’m just glad he didn’t get the cushions out too!