Grooming and stripping

When it comes to Welsh Terriers it turns out that grooming is an essential part of dog ownership.

Terriers have two coats, a wiry outercoat and a soft warm undercoat. While they don’t shed, it is necessary to remove the dead hair to allow for new growth.

Agnes had got to the point where she looked like the head of an old mop and not in a good way.

The Old Mop

We did some research and discovered that if a Welsh Terrier is clipped, the coat is immediately ruined. the colours go from luxurious black and rich caramel to dull grey and the waterproof outercoat never grows back properly. Imagine the guilt!

We decided to go with handstripping and at great expense, Agnes had her first grooming session on Saturday. Two and a half hours later she emerged looking like a super model with jaunty eyebrows and little dark eyes finally visible.

Three raisins

It looks as though we’ll be taking up handstripping as a hobby as we can’t afford to be getting the dog groomed every eight weeks. It’s more expensive than going to the hair dresser!

Hello gorgeous!

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