Lost in the Medina

It was an easy mistake, the streets looked very similar, there weren’t many signs and suddenly we were off the map and didn’t know where we were. 

We were walking through food markets, down bustling streets with zooming motorbikes and noise and everywhere we were offered assistance to the main square which we knew was a rouse to take us in the wrong direction. We’d been warned. 
It turned into a game of skill as we navigated the distractions; the old woman begging, the men offering suggestions, the donkey pulling a cart, a boy squirting water. We started laughing as it was like being on a survival course, navigate your way through Marrakech without losing your temper, maintain your relationship and ascend to the next level of the game, night navigation. 
After two hours of walking (most likely in circles) we ended up in a familiar area (just near where we’d started) and eventually made it back to the riad. 
We had made it back thanks to the trusty map and several sanity breaks along the way. 
It called for a stiff drink on the roof terrace to celebrate before setting out for dinner and the next level, night navigation. 
Would we survive the next challenge?

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