The Ryad Dyor

A discrete blue door down a tiny backstreet with the name of the riad carved into a stone above was the only indication of the tranquility within. 

The riad provides an oasis from the daily bustle of life in La Medina and after spending a full day navigating the streets of Marrakech, we couldn’t have been more pleased to see it. 
We had started the day meandering through the souks, the endless labyrinth of traditional markets selling leather  goods, ceramics, jewellery and clothes. 
We walked up and down the narrow alleyways going deeper and deeper into the midst of the market. We weren’t really shopping, just browsing. Senses were engaged and it was all very inspiring. The design aesthetic in Marrakech was fantastic. 
After several hours we stopped for a delicious lunch at the Cafe Arabe where we ate Morrocan salads, pastries and couscous. We have discovered that the aubergine is a vegetable previously unappreciated and we’ll be trying to cook it when we get home. 
After lunch we went to the Museum of Photograhy where we saw early photographs of Marrakesh before setting off to return to the lovely RyadDyor for a siesta and that’s when things went a little wrong…

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