Ksar Char-Bagh

We arrived in Morroco (after the obligatory two hour delay due to rain) and were whisked off by private driver as the sun set over the red buildings to our luxury hotel just outside the city. 

The temperature was warm and the locals were starting to break their fast from Ramadan. 

The most spectacular building greeted us with enormous silver doors, twinkling lights and stars starting to emerge overhead. 

The Ksar Char-Bagh is the kind of hotel one dreams about. No detail escaped attention, from the beautifully landscaped grounds to the perfectly designed interiors. Intricate carvings and a spectacular pool surrounded by palm trees. 
The hotel consists of fifteen suites and only accommodates thirty people on ten acres of land. To say it was tranquil was an understatement. 
To our surprise we were the only guests and enjoyed private dining on the terrace. 

It was the perfect place to relax after a strange week where everything seemed to turn upside down. 
We drank Morrocan Rosé and ate a delicious three course meal of traditional salads, a chicken tagine and a layered wafer and cream dessert which we definitely didn’t need. We finished with traditional Morrocan mint tea, sweetened slightly and fragrant with local mint. It was the perfect end to a lovely meal. 

Diets are by the wayside this week I suspect. 
Welcome to Marrakech!

People watching

With a little time to kill at Gatwick, it was hard not to indulge in a little people watching, or staring. 

The British are a motley crew of holiday makers and there were lots of brand spanking new holiday outfits walking past. 
Lots of tight white trousers, bright shades of pink and coral, sandals and polyester. The matchy matchy accessories and crop tops galore. 
Add the obligatory Boots and Pret bags and the look was complete. 
Im now heading off to buy my sunscreen and get my Boots bag. 
I don’t want to stand out from the crowd!

Off to Marrakech

After the madness of this week, the timing was perfect to get out of what’s left of the U.K. and go to Marrakech. 

For the first time in a year, we are going to have a proper holiday which doesn’t involve packing boxes, cleaning, selling houses or looking after other people. 
Neither of us have been to Morroco so it’s a new experience, a completely different culture and hopefully a break from the nonsense. 

A week doesn’t sound long enough!

Big Dog Holiday

Little Agnes has gone off on her first big dog holiday. It’s her first time away from home without us. Sob. 

She took her own set of keys, a smart new lead, her big Barbour dog bed and the remains of Mr. G. Raffe, a legless giraffe. 

She’s off to stay with our lovely new dog sitter where she’ll enjoy a week with lots of other dogs who all get to sit on the sofa and sleep on the beds. She’ll love it!

She looked very happy on the front seat of the car, her little brown eyes shining and a big puppy grin on her face. Not a backward glance or a wave goodbye!

Happy holidays Little Agnes, we’ll see you in a week!

The end of rational thinking

Today I woke up to discover that Britons or rather the English, had voted to leave the European Union. 

Most Londoners and the majority of Scots voted to remain. Within hours the Prime Minister announced his resignation, the pound plummeted and it seemed as though all rational thinking had left the Bremains of Britain.

How this will play out no one seems to know. Several phrases come to mind… Cutting off one’s nose, throwing the baby out with the bath water or just bloody stupid.
We’re now faced with the prospect of Nigel Farage, a racist, or Boris Johnson, a buffoon to try and take leadership of this country. I liked Boris as Mayor of London but he’s starting to look more and more like an eccentric fool.
My personal thought is that we’ll soon by heading into the Brecession and Britons only have themselves to blame. Sit back and watch the self destruction.
And the real tragedy is that we can’t even run away to France!

The hunt for floaty kaftan dresses

As I’m bound for Marrakech next Saturday and both temperatures and modesty need to be taken into consideration, I set off on the hunt for a long floaty maxi kaftan dress with sleeves. Now that shouldn’t be too hard to find!

It’s not a look I’d normally go for. I am not exotic looking, tall or willowy but off I went to the sales to see what I could find. 
It wasn’t good I’ll be honest. I tried on a few things but it turned out I’m not suited to ethnic prints, maxi dresses or kaftans. As much as I love navy, grey and white, I felt like a change. 
And then, by chance I went to John Lewis and discovered East. 
And suddenly I had a bright pink and orange midi dress and a multi coloured print both in the lightest of cottons. Both perfect for Morrocco. 
All I need now is a hat (bemoan my stolen hat) and a couple of scarves and I’m packed and ready to go!

Knit your own Welsh Terrier

I have improved my dog stripping technique dramatically by wearing a rubber washing up glove. 

As a result Agnes is gradually being thinned out and I have large clumps of Welsh Terrier coat available for anyone who fancies knitting their own dog. 

A dog in the hand…

A dog in a bag?
A dog on a wall. 
Continuous supply available.