When Agnes met Leonard…

We were spending the afternoon at the Walthamstow Garden Party to celebrate the birthday of a friend. 

It was a lovely day, sunny and warm and so the three of us set off with a picnic blanket in order to enjoy an afternoon with friends, kids and a festival. 
Agnes loves a social event and was on her best behaviour being fed and cuddled by small children until she saw Leonard. 
Their brown eyes met across the grass, her furry face perfectly reflected in his, it was love at first sight as the two Welsh Terriers ran into each other’s arms. 
Leonard was nine months old and a little taller but otherwise almost identical. 
There is a recognition between breeds. Agnes has only hugged other terriers and it really is a hug as their forelegs wrap around each other as they stand on their back legs. 
Agnes and Leonard played together while we chatted with Leonard’s owners. 
Eventually it was time for them to leave and Leonard was reluctantly dragged away looking sadly over his shoulder. Agnes lay on the ground looking bereft. 
It was a lovely thing to see the two dogs recognize each other and we regret not getting Leonard’s contact details. 
Do we now embark on a search for Leonard the Welsh Terrier?

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