Central Park Picnic

After four meetings I was finished for the day and so decided to have a spontaneous picnic in Central Park. 

I felt I hadn’t really explored Central Park properly and so with a Whole Foods bag and a random selection of food, I walked through the park towards the lake. 
It was a lovely afternoon, hot and sunny and before long I found a nice tree with a view to sit and watch the boaters on the lake. 

We are spoiled in London as we have so many beautiful parks and I’m afraid to say that Central Park just didn’t quite cut it for me. 
I felt sorry for the horses pulling carriages of tourists around the edge of the park, the pungent smell of hot horse shit filling the air. 
The grass in contrast to the pristine lawns of Regents Park, wasn’t very comfortable to sit on. A bit dirty, I didn’t fancy lying down and then I saw a strange black squirrel/rat hybrid which was incredibly disturbing… I would call it a Squat. Squirrel and Rat. 
Still, apart from the Squat, it was a welcome break from honking horns, skyscrapers and gridlocked traffic and a chance to see another side of New York. 
And after nine meetings so far this week, It was nice to have a relaxing picnic in Central Park! 

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