We discovered a lovely unspoilt town in Sandwich. It was strangely quiet but very pretty.

We enjoyed a cup of tea before setting off to meet our AirBnb host, Angela as, for the first time, we were staying in someone’s house rather than a self contained apartment. How surreal!

It turned out to be fantastic, of course. Angela was a lovely host who welcomed us into her spare room. Agnes had a friend in a gentle old Labrador called Bella and the only fly in the ointment was Paddy, a grumpy cat who hissed at the Little Dog who didn’t know anything about cats. 

We spent the evening sitting on the picturesque quay in Sandwich enjoying a fish and chip supper and a bottle of wine as the sunset became more and more spectacular. The evening stayed warm and it seemed as though everyone in the town stopped to say hello to Agnes.

The old toll bridge crossed the quay and we enjoyed reading a little of the history of the area.

Sandwich used to be on the edge of the mainland as the tip of Kent was in fact, the isle of Thanet. Many references to Thanet remain and it made for an interesting read upon our return

The Isle of Thanet

We drove down to Sandwich Bay, an private beach across the marshland which now makes up the Stonar Spit. It was a stunning location with exclusive estates, a golf club and a bird sanctuary.

As the evening cooled down, we went back to Angela’s spare room for the night where Agnes and the cat tolerated each other from opposite ends of the kitchen. 

A sleepless night for a few of us…

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