Deal and Dover

Sunday morning we were up bright and early and after breakfast we set off towards Deal, another hidden gem on the Kent coast. 

We walked along a deserted shingle beach at low tide barely able to see the roofs of the houses behind. The morning breeze was fresh and we felt invigorated to be out of the city.

From Deal we meandered along the coast passing through the lovely village of Kingsdown (a nice place to have a weekend cottage!) before deciding to head towards the iconic White Cliffs of Dover. Well, we were so close!

The white cliffs were white indeed as it was a misty morning with an overhanging sea fret but iconic it was as we sang a little Vera Lynn medley as we approached the gate. 

With Channel Ferries churning up the harbour below, we squinted through the murky sky but to no avail, we couldn’t see France that morning.

After a brisk walk along the cliffs, we set off back towards Margate in search of lunch and London hipsters.

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