San Sebastián Part Dos

Arriving at the Hotel Gudamendi, a large motel masquerading as a hotel, we realised that things were slightly amiss. 

We could spent the evening on Dog Alley (as we could hear bad dogs barking from their rooms), we could listen to Stan’s owner call his missing dog as he’d escaped down the hillside or we could go back to town for an evening session. 

As tempting as it was to sit in our room, we decided to seize the day and so off we went for Tapas Part Dos. 

The old town was buzzing as the Spanish eat late. Every tapas bar was packed as the atmosphere was vibrant. Hurray for going back out!

We had a few more tapas and then had tapas remorse as one tapas too many is not a good thing. 

Eventually we went back up the hill to the motel/hotel where hopefully Stan had been found and slept the sleep of the well fed and watered. 

What a brilliant city. San Sebastián!

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