Santillana del Mar

We left San Sebastián reluctantly having enjoyed our time very much. 

A great place for a weekend if the opportunity arises, and so we set off further into Spain to Santillana del Mar, a small historic town in Cantabria. 

We passed the built up cities of Bilbao and Santander, resisted the temptation to go to the Guggenheim and finally arrived at our traditional hotel, the Hotel Altamira on a small cobbled street. 

It was a very charming hotel despite the fact that Agnes was apparently the biggest dog in Spain. 
The manager claimed she wasn’t a small dog, I helpfully pointed out she was small in London but apparently small is subjective.
We went out to explore the town and were immediately surrounded by massive dogs. Subjective indeed!
Santillana del Mar was on the Spanisjh tourist trail and was very busy. We enjoyed tapas and the obligatory cervezas and after a brief siesta discovered horses and local cider. 

Agnes has become horse obsessed, the smell obviously awakening some terrier hunting instinct so instantly went beserk. 

Just down the road the local cider looked and smelled suspiciously horsey, I decided to pass but Big T soldiered on bravely. His expression dubiously enjoying the cloudy yellow liquid. 

And so the Spanish culinary adventures continued as we found paella and spent the evening sitting in a garden with a steaming pan of seafood paella between us. 
To finish off our evening perfectly we discovered a Mexican mariachi band playing just around the corner from our hotel. It was a traditional taste of Mexico in Spain and the band hailed from Ensenada, a place I’ve spent some time in. 
And so the end of a busy day, falling asleep to the sound of mariachi trumpets and guitars. 

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