From Santillana del Mar to Barcelona via Zaragoza

It was going to be a long drive to Barcelona so the logical stopping point was Zaragoza. A place we knew nothing about. 

We set off and drove though the stunning landscape of Rioja. Since we’ve had a dog we’ve seen many more places due to driving. While it’s sometimes more challenging, we would probably never have driven through Rioja, one of the highlights of our whistlestop tour. 
We stopped for lunch on the banks of the River Erbe, an enormous lazy green river snaking its way through the arid vineyards. We were near a small medieval  village called Briones which we’ll be looking for on Rioja wine labels from now on.

After a relaxing picnic the land became drier and hotter and we were relieved when we arrived in Zaragoza. It was 40 degrees which is pretty hot by anyone’s standards.

After a relax in air conditioning (phew) we set off to the main plaza where a wedding was taking place at the stunning cathedral.

A modern fountain reflected the traditional buildings and we relaxed with a Spanish gin and tonic.

The Spanish serve a very generous measure of gin in a fish bowl of a glass filled with ice and tonic. Our kind of drink, much more generous than the British measures!

We enjoyed the evening exploring Zaragoza before going to bed very early by Spanish standards.

The next morning we emerged to see the aftermath of the late night partying. People were still out, bleary eyed in the daylight as we set off.  

Next stop Barcelona!

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