Georgia O’Keeffe at the Tate Modern

My impression of Georgia O’Keeffe has always been one of big flowers and lady parts. I had never really taken her work seriously, after all, if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. Right?

Anyway, with a senior colleague in town, we headed out for a bit of London culture and set off to the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition at the Tate Modern.

En route (travelling by tube) we spotted the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Minding his own business, he was unaware as our senior colleague took a quick snap and before we knew it, had uploaded it on to social media. He was shorter than I’d thought he’d be but had great hair!

Before long we were walking across the Millenium bridge, the best way to appreciate the Tate Modern in front and St Paul’s cathedral behind. An ideal juxtaposition of old and new.

The Georgia O’Keeffe exhibiton was a pleasant surprise. A retrospective of her work, I was surprised to see the development of her work over decades. The big flowers, often synonymous with her name, were few and far between. 

From there we explored the new building, The Switch. A fantastic 360 degree panaramic view of London from the top floor was worth the walk up. Even better was the view into recently completed luxury flats. Apparently the owners aren’t too happy.

We treated ourselves to lunch in the restaurant on the eighth floor. The food was good, service a little slow and somehow the chairs were too low to see the view out of the window. Someone made a mistake ordering the windows or the chairs. Definitely sit on the stools if you go!

After lunch the express tour of culture continued as we popped into Shakespeare’s Globe for a quick look. We bought one standing ticket and took it in turns to watch a few minutes of The Merchant of Venice. The Globe was full to the rafters, the audience laughing much as they would have in Elizabethan times. We might have to go to an entire performance!

And then it was back on the tube and off to Oxford Circus. I managed to fit in a quick whizz around Liberty including the always fabulous Christmas shop (which will be cleaned out in a few weeks), jewellery, fashion and trend research.

With all that done, I accompanied my colleague back to her hotel, bid her bon voyage as she returned to New York and jumped back on the tube sprinting back to Camden for a busy afternoon meeting. Cultural day out, done.

Georgia O’Keeffe… not just big flowers.

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