Grey Doors and Gentrification

We live in a small triangle of West London which is sandwiched between several nice affluent areas but which is still on the wrong side of the tracks, literally. 

Still, things are on the up as house prices continue to rise and the area has improved considerably since we moved in. As we walk around the neighbourhood, there are two visible clues which state the obvious as much as a painted sign saying “Under gentrification!”
The first clue, plantation shutters instead of net curtains. Luxurious, white wooden horizontal shutters (not cheap IKEA venetian blinds). A sure sign that the occupants are not council tenants as they would surely have the net curtains twitching.
The second clue, the biggest give away of the signs of gentrification, the colour of the front door. Tatty black, red and blue have given way to sophisticated Farrow and Ball shades of grey. Stainless steel hardware and frosted glass panels complete the look.
As for our front door, we are guilty. We bought the whole package, a muted grey paint, frosted glass and stainless steel door furniture. We even have the tiled black and white Victorian path. 
We are grey door gentrified!

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