Sausages and Cider

Despite being 98% Pescatarian (I still consider myself a fairly high maintenance eater), when Autumn comes around there’s nothing nicer than a hearty meal of sausages and mash washed down with a nice dry cider.

And what’s more the M&S sausages are actually nicer than the organic, free range sausages from our local farmer’s market. Sacrilege I know!

On Sunday we spent the morning tromping across Hampstead Heath with the little dog in tow. She behaved very well, didn’t run away and came back when she was called (no mean feat for a terrier apparently). 

To celebrate we enjoyed a pint (or a half depending on preference) at the Bull and Last in Parliament Hill and then home on the train for a warm and cosy Sunday lunch of sausages, mash and cider.

The Wishful Sausage Thief

It doesn’t get much more Autumnal than that.

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