Stored and Staged

We spent the weekend clearing out stuff. 

It always seems as though one has too much stuff and so we rented a small storage unit (at great expense) and off went a random collection of felt, felt toys, extra bikes, ladders and one green armchair deemed too tatty.

It was not a very relaxing weekend.

The reason for this is that almost two years to the day since we bought the money pit, we’ve decided to invite the estate agents to come round and give us an appraisal of all our hard work. Was it worth it?

And the reason for that is that we saw a complete shithole of a house down the road in Kensal Green and they wouldn’t take our offer seriously until we were on the market and ideally under offer ourselves.

It’s hard to imagine going through it all again as we immersed ourselves in dust and DIY for the best part of a year. We had no kitchen for six months, washed up in the bath and all the other fun and frivolity that was 2015.

We ended up with a lovely flat but I have to admit the prospect of taking on another even bigger, even worse (hard to believe) project, makes my blood run cold (which it seriously would be without any central heating).

The good thing is that our flat looks amazing (minimal but lovely) and we’ll see what they say on Thursday.

Money Pit or Money Pot? 

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