Apparently no one saw it coming but for the second time this year we were well and truly trumped by an election result. 

This time, the US elected Donald Trump and the world stood still in disbelief.

I saw it coming and knew that it was possible but I didn’t think it would happen but it did. 

So here we are again, waiting to see what the knock-on effect will be. 

Seems like a good time to move to New Zealand?!

Agnes is One

Agnes has celebrated her first birthday.

It turned out we had the date wrong as we thought it was November 3rd when actually it was October 27th. Still, she didn’t seem to notice. 

From a tiny puppy to a proper big dog, here’s Agnes at one.

From this…

 To this…

Baking Well

With family coming for lunch on Sunday, I decided it was time to try my hand at making one of my favourite desserts, the Bakewell tart.

The Bakewell tart follows my other favourite dessert, the Victoria Sponge, the common link being a jam filling. 

I had been a little intimated by the idea of pastry and sponge but it turned out it wasn’t sponge at all but a frangipane filling made of ground almonds, butter and sugar. Not exactly slimming but very delicious.

It turned out to be both quick and easy to make, both of which are disastrous as it means that whipping up a Bakewell isn’t such an intimidating prospect after all and may feature on menus in the near future…

La Colle Noire

During a recent and rather ambitious attempt to buy all the Christmas presents, we spotted a photo of a large house we recognised.

We were walking through the Selfridges perfume department when we saw a picture of Christian Dior’s former chateau, La Colle Noire. The very chateau where we were married.

Christian Dior has recently bought back the former home of its namesake and restored the chateau to its former glory. To celebrate, they’ve launched a fabulous perfume named after the chateau.

We bored the sales assistant with our story, telling them we were married at the chateau and then we liberally sprayed the delicious perfume on our wrists and a card to savour later. 

The perfume was nostalgic, perhaps we were biased but we both felt it was something quite special. 

The nostalgia of scent.