Bend and Stretch

Today I went for a Pilates Assessment at a nearby yoga and pilates studio. 

I’ve struggled to do yoga since I’ve been in London, partly because of my work schedule and partly because I haven’t found the right class. It was time to try Pilates!

It does seem to be the middle-aged woman’s exercise of choice as there I was stretching in various directions to discover I have cyclist’s thighs (stiff) rower’s back (stiff) and runner’s hamstrings (tight)  basically all the exercise I’ve ever done. On a positive note it wasn’t too bad considering I haven’t done any yoga since I left LA.

I spent an hour at lunchtime being put through my paces and discovered that my lower back felt a little more flexible, something I haven’t felt for a while.

In the pre-Christmas flush of good intentions, I signed up for three introductory private sessions which should tell me if I intend to continue.

Bend and stretch!

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