And the annual Christmas deadline

I didn’t make it to the Christmas party after all that. I had a meltdown instead!

Each Christmas there’s a surprise project which has to be finished or the world will end and this year was no different. 
I’m working on a very high profile project which is being seen by the upper echelons. On Thursday I was called to an emergency meeting to discover that things were not going as well as I thought and basically I needed to rework everything. I couldn’t face going to the Christmas party after that, I was too fragile!
It was frustrating to say the least but as Big T pointed out, this is why I’m in the job I’m in and if anyone can do it…  cue large gin and tonic and a sleepless night of planning.

On Friday I was back in the office to take the bull by the horns but with Christmas parties endlessly going on, it was hard to concentrate and so by 5pm I had to call it a day as noise levels were rising.

It looks like my relaxing pre-Christmas wind down week has been scuppered and I’m planning on working the weekend in order to try and get things back on track. I have until Friday so there’s a challenge to rise to.

Not over till it’s over!

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