Arriving in Sri Lanka

We came out of the airport and were hit by the heat. Coming from London we were used to six degrees Celsius and multiple layers of wool. 

We were met by a driver and set off in air conditioning to our hotel. 
It seemed to take a very long time and I was drifting in and out of sleep for much of the journey. The traffic was heavy and the near-misses constant. With the sound of honking horns, it was surreal. 
Two hours later we arrived at our hotel and waited another half an hour for our room to be ready but eventually we made it and after an hour long nap, started to feel better. 
It was mid afternoon and suddenly the sky clouded over and torrential rain and an enormous thunderstorm rolled in.
The rain eased slightly and we borrowed an umbrella to venture out in search of food, water and cash. We hadn’t eaten all day and were needing food. 
We soon found what we needed but as the restaurant was closed for a private function, we decided to eat at our hotel. 
It was a good decision, we had a selection of vegetarian curries, curried omelette, potatoes, cucumber and pineapple salad, aubergine and more. It was delicious and we ate ravenously. 
Replete, we went to bed and slept for eleven hours. 
Sheer exhaustion. 

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