Sri Lanka – Exploring Colombo

We started the day with a delicious traditional breakfast. A selection of fruit including the most flavoursome yellow-skinned passion fruit was followed by buffalo curd and palm sugar syrup.

That was lovely and then we moved on to a Sri Lankan omelette, Dahl and egg hoppers. 
Hoppers are a basket-like pancake made from rice flour. Similar to a dosa in texture, they were light and airy. The egg hopper came with s fried egg and it all tasted very good. 
Despite the temptation to drink tea, I risked it and went for coffee. The gamble paid off and I was well caffeinated. And so breakfast was good. 
Feeling full, we gathered our things and set off. We walked a few blocks to the sea and then jumped in one of the three wheeler tuktuks which fill the roads and headed up to the market area. 
It was mid morning and starting to warm up. When we arrived in the markets we jumped out and started walking through the labyrinth of back streets, everything from clothing to food to jewellery being sold. The noise was incredible and the heat hard to take after the cool London winter. 
We ducked into a cafe to rest, drink water and juice and use the most challenging toilet, the stand and squat. I’m familiar with them from France, ceramic foot plates over a hole in the floor essentially but this one was filthy so the challenge was not touching anything whilst holding my breath and balancing. Hmmm. 
Heading back out into the fray, we set off again, this time heading to two temples. The first was underwhelming but the second temple was sitting on the edge of a lake and was designed by a notable architect, Geoffrey Bawa. It was much more tranquil than the market. 
We sat on a pavilion in the lake contemplating our next move and as we did, the clouds opened and the tropical rain began. We waited for it to clear and then went in search of lunch…

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