Christmas Spirits

There’s nothing quite like a family get-together and this was certainly no exception. 

From the initial laughter, Champagne and good cheer to the end of the day when the bottles were empty and tempers began to fray, we had it all. 
Christmas comes but once a year… thankfully!

The Festive Spirit

Christmas Eve arrived out of the blue and we packed to go and stay with the father of Big T for two nights and then on to Sri Lanka. Challenging packing indeed. 

We also packed up the dog, Christmas presents, Christmas food and cleaned up the flat for viewings while we were away. We were exhausted before we started!
We took an uber (our first!) to Enfield where we went to midnight mass, the first time we’d heard anything about the real meaning of Christmas. I’ve really noticed the commercial side of Christmas this year and am thinking of going pagan next year. 
Midnight mass was quite surreal as we were tired and cold but belting out a few carols woke us up. By 1:30am we were home and listening for sleigh bells… 

Deadlines and drinks

Finally Friday arrived and I finished designing a forty five page style guide. 

It had taken me a week and it was the first thing I’d designed for a while as I spend most of my time art directing. 
I was pleased to be able to roll up my sleeves and get on with the job. 
By 5pm I had wrapped up for the Christmas break and was cracking open a bottle of Champagne to celebrate. 
Job done, or at least started. 

And the annual Christmas deadline

I didn’t make it to the Christmas party after all that. I had a meltdown instead!

Each Christmas there’s a surprise project which has to be finished or the world will end and this year was no different. 
I’m working on a very high profile project which is being seen by the upper echelons. On Thursday I was called to an emergency meeting to discover that things were not going as well as I thought and basically I needed to rework everything. I couldn’t face going to the Christmas party after that, I was too fragile!
It was frustrating to say the least but as Big T pointed out, this is why I’m in the job I’m in and if anyone can do it…  cue large gin and tonic and a sleepless night of planning.

On Friday I was back in the office to take the bull by the horns but with Christmas parties endlessly going on, it was hard to concentrate and so by 5pm I had to call it a day as noise levels were rising.

It looks like my relaxing pre-Christmas wind down week has been scuppered and I’m planning on working the weekend in order to try and get things back on track. I have until Friday so there’s a challenge to rise to.

Not over till it’s over!

The Annual Christmas Dilemma

Every year the company I work for throws a massive Christmas party and when I say massive I’m talking eight hundred people. 

I always end up in a quandary. I try to keep my personal and professional lives somewhat separate. Do my colleagues need to see me dancing round my handbag and being less than professional? One too many drinks and it gets messy.  Probably not but then again is it bad to show one’s human side and let one’s hair down? It’s a fine line. 
This year’s dilemma is tomorrow night. Do I go for an hour or do I go home? And if I go, do I wear my red dress as I have limited options. 
The venue is a club in Camden where the floors are sticky and the vibe is gritty. I don’t want to look like a princess or even worse, mutton! 
I work with a lot of “young people” and I’ve done all that a long time ago!
And this seriously is my annual Christmas dilemma!! What to do?!

On the Market

Just in time for Christmas, we have put our flat on the market!

The Money Pit is as finished as it’s going to be and so we’ll see if our hard work pays off. I have to say, the photos looked pretty good as they went live online today…

Fingers crossed!


The Week of Christmas Insanity

And so begins the week of Christmas insanity with lunches, parties and surprises all wrapped up in a Christmas jumper!

And after that, things will settle down again as most people will finish work this Friday.

As for me, this year I’m working through until the bitter end (December 23rd) as I’m not coming back until the second week of January. It’s amazing to think that two weeks today we’re off to Sri Lanka for a taste of something completely different!