Kandy Lake Club

Having arrived in Kandy, we discovered there were daily performances of traditional Sri Lankan dance. 

Despite my experience in Japan seeing excruciatingly dull Kabuki, we thought we’d give it a try. After all it was New Year’s Eve. 

The performance started at 5pm so we set off to walk along the lake to the Kandy Lake Club. 
Past the Temple of the Tooth where the tooth of the Buddha is resting, past the royal swimming pool and up the hill to the club. 

We met some helpful strangers along the way who tried to take us to different clubs but we maintained course and before long were taking our seats. 

The performance was fantastic, a variety of different dances including dances to the peacock, the devil, acrobatics, fire eating and jingling golden costumes. It culminated with fire walking which was done very quickly. 

Sadly the photos don’t do it justice. 
We walked back down the hill to discover the best place in town for the egg hopper, the Midland Deli. 

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