Sigiriya… On a budget

After lunch we set off into the jungle, heading south towards Sigiriya, a small village near a large rock and an ancient city. 

We had a driver for the hour and a half it took to get there and as the sun was starting to go down, our speed increased. We were heading into elephant territory and it wasn’t ideal to encounter an elephant on the road at night. 
We were staying at the River Side Villa which turned out to be more of a rustic house than a villa. 
The hosts seemed to be unsure about our reservation but all was well and we were shown to our room. 
We had thought it was suspiciously cheap at £20 for the night for two and it wasn’t luxury but it was clean.
We headed into the small village for dinner and made the decision not to stay for another night as we were due to move into a treehouse for our second night. It was less romantic than it sounded but perhaps wouldn’t have been as bad as we thought. 
I saw my first elephant, sadly not just wandering around but munching away happily on a large pile of leaves, his job was to give people rides. 
I didn’t want to see elephants in captivity but this didn’t seem too bad, a couple of daily rides in return for boarding and lodging. There are more elephants to come. 
After a bad night’s sleep (you don’t get comfort for that price) we were off at 7am to climb the rock. 

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